Barcoding Resources

Barcoding Resources

Below is a list of online resources we found helpful during the researching and implementation of our barcoding project. It is important to note that we are not affiliated with/do not endorse any of these particular manufacturers or distributors or brands or websites.


Barcoding in Museums


Labels and Ribbons

  • Choosing the Right Barcode Labels and Ribbon
    • An explanation of different printer and technology—very helpful in determining the best choices of hardware and material for what you are going to barcode. Previously mentioned, but also explains label materials.
  • Ribbon Calculations
    • Calculations to help you decide how many feet of ribbon you will need to print your barcodes.
  • Zebra Supplies Ribbon Datasheet
    • A comparison of the different ribbons offered by Zebra, including a handy comparison chart at the bottom.
  • ‘Cause I’m Tree, Tree Free
    • An explanation of what acid-free, lignin-free paper is and why it is important in a museum setting.